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Homestay Owners (Associates)

Once you’ve registered with us, you can update your details at any time. For example, if you add a new facility or if you want to tell us more about the area – you can add this information whenever you want to. Just login to your panel and get the information updated.


When you sign up, we ask you to upload photos of your space. This is because we know our guests love browsing through photos when looking for a place to stay. We recommend that you upload photos that showcase both the inside and the outside of your property. They don’t need to be professional photos – photos with a smartphone will still give your guests a good impression of the space.

Once you’re all signed up and we’ve reviewed your information, we’ll send you an email with next steps for getting your property live on Once all details are submitted, verification by our back-end team takes 2-3 business days post which your property would be onboarded on our platform to take online bookings.

Your property may be your own house with a spare room/floor for guests to occupy, it may be a Homestay, Hotel or a Resort too. Once you register with us, our team will ensure you get the proper hand-holding on the processes and policies to make your earning real simple.

bookyourhomestay will try to make the entire registration process simple and trouble-free. You can start reaching millions of travelers looking for unique places to stay, just like yours.


CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO on how to Register your property with us.

Its simple. We have both online and offline modes to help our Associates from remote picturesque locations to register trouble-free.


Step 1: Register Personal Details and create Associate login

Click here to open our Associate Registration Page and fill-in your personal details. System will ask you to enter your personal details and contact details. Once done upload a photo-identity proof of yours which can be a Aadhar card, Voter's card or a Driving license.

Once successfully added hit SUBMIT. Your Associate account will be created and you should receive a confirmation email for the next step with a link to continue the rest of the process.


Step 2: Login to Associate Panel & Enter Property & Room Info

Once you have successfully created your Associate login, click on the email to goto the next section for enter your property and room details. In case you do not receive an email (at times emails land up in your spam folder), click here to Login using your email and password to our Associate Member Area and start adding the Property and Room details.

Once done, your details would be sent to our On-boarding-Team for verification and further processing.


Step 3: Verification, Callback from On-boarding Team & Go-Live

This is the third step of our 4 step registration process. In this step our on-boarding team will go through the details provided by you and callback to confirm certain details.

During this  process, our team will ask you for providing your banking details so that we can enable auto-remittance of booking amounts directly to your bank. Please keep the below details handy:

  1. Account Holder Name: 
  2. Account Type: Savings / Current
  3. Account Number: 
  4. Bank Name:
  5. Bank Branch & Address
  6. Bank IFSC code

Once done, our team will approve your property and notify you on the same.


Step 4: Login to Associate Panel & Update your Inventory

Once your property is approved for listing on our portal, our on-boarding team will notify you on the same and ask you to update your Property inventory. By default, once a Homestay is added, all days are available for booking. Homestay Owners need to block days on which they do not want any bookings from our side.  This can be for cases where your Homestay is already booked for a day or you are carrying out some maintanence work. As a Homestay owner, it is  your responsibility to keep your room availability updated.

Click here to Login using your email and password to our Associate Member Area and start to block dates when you don't want any booking. Follow these steps
  1. Login to your Member Area by click the above button
  2. Click on Rooms on the left panel
  3. Click on Block room option to select the dates when you want to block bookings
  4. Hit Submit to save changes.
Incase you are unable to block dates online due to any technical issues, please don't forget to notify us through email/ phone to block the dates from back-end. Our back-end team will do the needful and confirm you back. Please treat this activity as VERY IMPORTANT as it may result in double booking in turn resulting in harassment to the guests and your side.

Don't hesitate to reach us back anytime at

We've created a video tutorial to help you do that easily. Its very simple and takes just 2-3 minutes on a stable internet connection.



1. Login to your Associates Panel
2. Click on Rooms on the Left Panel
3. Click on the Block Dates icon on the rooms row to block the desired dates when you don't want any bookings
It takes less than 5 minutes and saves lot of complexities due to Double Bookings or bookings during your unavailable dates.
Use this feature wisely!

Check-in/Check-out process through your Associate Panel is fast and easy. It is MANDATORY for all Homestays to do it for all visitors to ensure timely payments post Guest-checkout. Delays in check-in/check-out process may result in delays in auto-payment and remittances.


CLICK TO VIEW STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO on how to check-in/check-out guests from your Associate Panel to ensure smooth payment and remittances.


Check-in Process
1. Login to your Associate Panel from HERE
2. One you are into your Associate Panel, click on Bookings on the left menu panel
3. System will show the Active Bookings. Click on View More link to view the Check-in/out popup
4. In the check-in Pop-up enter the Confirmation Number present in the Guest Booking Voucher or confirmation SMS
5. Click Start button to complete Check-in
Check-out Process
1. Login to your Associate Panel from HERE 
2. One you are into your Associate Panel, click on Bookings on the left menu panel 
3. System will show the Active Bookings. Click on View More link to view the Check-in/out popup
4. Once your guest has successfully completed all formalities, Click on Check-out button to complete the check-out process
The process is easy and fast and will not take more than 2-3 minutes on a stable internet connection.
Please ensure you use the same for every bookings. 
If you don't use this feature, our system will not understand successful Guest Entry or Exit which may delay your payments and remittances. 
Incase you face any technical challenges to complete this, please feel to reach our team.

Guests (Associates)