Sundarban Birding and Photography Group Tour – 2N3D

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Our endeavour in this Canning to Canning 2Nights 3Days “All-inclusive” package would be to cover areas which have greater chances to sight wide variety of avian species found in and around Sundarbans.

Places we will visit during this tour are:

  • Sir Hamilton Bunglow
  • Amlamethir Pakhir Char
  • Jharkhali, Bali Island
  • Sajnekhali, Pirkhali Range
  • Saratkhali, Sudhanyakhali
  • Panchamukhi
  • Dobanki
  • Choragazi
  • Baragazi
  • Sundarkhali
  • Sudhanyakhali
  • Gadkhali

The group trip is limited to only 12 members as we want to maintain good amount of flexibility and less crowded bird watching experience. Rooms would be provided on a sharing basis in 2 and 4 bedroom accommodations.

Please use our Whatsapp or FB messenger chat option in the floating chat option for any queries. You may also send us your query at our Contact Us section.

For booking, please select No. of members in the box just beside Add to Cart and proceed for checkout process.


Brief Tour Features

  1. Canning to Canning all-inclusive 2 nights & 3 days package
  2. Closed group of max 12 guests in room-sharing basis (max 4 guests per room)
  3. Dedicated Motorized Ferry Boat
  4. All meals included (Breakfast, Tea, Lunch & Dinner)
  5. Sufficient Mineral Water for each guests
  6. All Forest Charges and Entry Fees Included
  7. Night stay in comfortable Eco Cottage
  8. Night safari in Bali island to catch glimpse of nocturnal birds and mammals
  9. Dedicated Experienced Bird & Fauna Guide and Spotter
  10. Cost: Rs. 6666/- per person (including GST)


  1. Anything not in the itinerary
  2. Special Meal requests other than mentioned in itinerary (we will try to accommodate requests as much as we can but major deviations/changes may incur additional charges
  3. Barbeque or Bon-fire charges, can be arranged at additional cost as per need

Day-wise Itinerary

Day 1:

5:45AM-6:30AM: Take 5:45AM or 6.30AM (latest) Canning Local Train from Sealdah Railway Station South section. If you are travelling by Car, you need to reach Canning by 7:30AM. It takes about 2.5 to 3hrs. from Science City via Basanti Highway hence an early start is requested.

7.30AM: Our representatives will meet you at Canning Railway station near Stadium Gate at walking distance from Railway Station. Reporting time should be no later than 7.30 AM.

From Canning Station, our representative will take you to Gadkhali Ferry Ghat which will take around 45 minutes by reserved Cab.

9AM: Once at Gadkhali, you will be transferred to your reserved dedicated Ferry Launch. We don’t use shared ferries, hence be rest assured your ferry is a 100% dedicated and reserved for you.

Below are the places that you will visit before touching down our Eco Tourism Cottage at Bali Island for night stay. Breakfast and Lunch would be served on-board.

Sir Hamilton Bunglow

From Gadkhali, your ferry will take you to Hamilton Bunglow. Sir Daniel Mackinnon Hamilton was a Scottish businessman who made Bengal his second home. He established a zamindari in Gosaba, where he experimented with programmes of rural and social upliftment. He was a visionary and builder of rural reconstruction programmes at a time when the Indian national movement was gaining momentum, and gave importance to rural upliftment and self-help. Kaviguru Rabindranath Tagore also stayed in the same Bunglow during early 19th century.

Amlamethir Pakhir Char

From Hamilton Bunglow, your boat will then take you to Amlamethir Pakhir Char where you will see thousands of Migratory Birds during this winter season.


Your boat will then take you to Jharkhali Island. In this island, you will see deep mangrove forest opposite to the river, there’s a park with mangrove plants, butterfly garden, watch tower and a tiger room with a Royal Bengal Tiger, Estuarine Crocodile which you can visit.

Bali Island – your destination for the night hault

5-5:30PM: By this time, your boat will touch down to the Bali Island jetty, just at a 5 minutes walking distance from the Eco Tourism Cottage for your evening leisure time, night safari and night hault.

Tea with snacks and Dinner would be served at the Bali Island.

7.30-8PM – You will be taken for a walking stroll within the Bali Island for probable sighting of night avian species of Owls, Nightjars and very common Jungle Cat. We will return to the cottage by 9PM.

Dinner would be served at about 9PM and you can then rest for the day.

Day 1 Food Menu:

  1. Breakfast: Luchi (Puri), Aloo Sabji, a Sweet
  2. Lunch: Rice, Masur Dal, Aloo Bhaja, Mixed Veg, Fish Curry, Chatni, Papad
  3. Tea & Snacks: Veg Pakoda, Muri, Chanachur, Tea
  4. Dinner: Roti/Rice, Chholar Dal, Begun Bhaja, Chicken Curry

Day 2:

6AM: Call time for the day is at 6AM. Hence, you need to be ready to take-off by then without any delays. We have lot of places to visit and hence starting early is needed. Have morning Tea at the Ecotourism Cottage and leave for the ferry jetty where your boat would be ready for the trip. Today, we are going to touch down the below spots before returning back to our Ecotourism Cottage at Bali Island. Breakfast and Lunch would be served in boat.


Sajnekhali serves as the entry point of Sundarban Tiger Reserve as tourists collect permit from here. We are going to touch the forest buffer and core zones, hence getting permissions/permits is mandatory.

Moreover, a Mangrove Interpretation Center is there to make people familiar with the mangrove ecosystem, its creatures, flora & fauna. The watchtower is good for spotting birds.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary, located between Peechkali and Gomti Rivers, is where tourists can take a walk. Situated adjacent to the Sunderban Tiger Reserve, it is home to egrets, herons and several other species of birds. Tourists can also visit the Mangrove Interpretation Centre here. Considered a part of Sunderbans, this sanctuary is known for its rich bird population.

In addition, at this place, tourists can spot several colorful species of Kingfisher, Plovers, Sandpipers, Whimbrels, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Lap-Wings etc. Apart from a breeding colony of herons, the bird sanctuary also houses a Visitor’s Centre where tourists can see a estuarine crocodile enclosure, a shark pond along with a turtle hatchery and monkeys.

Pirkhola Range and Sarak khali

We will touch upon Pirkhola range and creeks of Sarak khali for on-board Bird-watching and for chances of Tiger spotting.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower

We will then travel towards Sudhanyakhali view point. There is a watch tower from where one can get a panoramic view of Sundarbans. Wild animals like deer, wild boars, crocodiles and sometimes Tiger may be also be spotted from the watch tower. There is also a sweet water pond for animals to drink water. Behind the pond are stretches of land with vegetation where one can sight animals from a distance.

Bali Island – your destination for the night hault

6-6:30PM: By this time, your boat will touch down to the Bali Island jetty, just at a 5 minutes walking distance from the Eco Tourism Cottage for your evening leisure time, night safari and night hault.

Tea with snacks and Dinner would be served at the Bali Island.

7.30-8PM – You will be taken for a walking stroll within the Bali Island for probable sighting of night avian nocturnal species of Owls, Nightjars, Night Herons, Bats and very common Jungle Cat. We will return to the cottage by 9PM.

Dinner would be served at about 9PM and you can then rest for the day.

Jungle Cat spotted at Bali Island

Day 2 Food Menu

  1. Breakfast: Luchi (Puri), Ghugni, a Sweet
  2. Lunch: Rice, Moong Dal, Aloo Bhaja, Veg Sabji, Tiger Prawn, Chatni, Papad
  3. Tea & Snacks: Egg Roll, Tea
  4. Dinner: Roti/Rice, Tadka Dal, Chicken Curry

Day 3:

6AM: Call time for the day is at 6AM (with your luggage as it will be our last day). We have lot of places to visit today too before getting dropped at Canning in the evening; hence starting early is needed. Have morning Tea at the Ecotourism Cottage and leave for the ferry jetty where your boat would be ready for the trip. Today, we are going to touch down the below spots before dropping you at Gadkhali and then to Canning for your return journey in the evening.


Our first destination for the day would be Panchamukhi – a confluence of five rivers – Icchamati, Durgaduyani, Gumor, Shukna, and Banabibidharani. If you’re lucky you may get to see giant crocodile lying on the shore, a deer busy grazing, or a giant honeycomb in the forest from your boat.


If you are willing to watch wildlife in a unique manner during your Sundarban tour, the Dobanki Watch Tower will do the needful. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the beauty of the wildlife there in the most natural manner.

The half kilometer canopy walk, almost 20 ft above the ground, will definitely help you create some memories for life. The canopy is crafted using strong nets with the motive of saving the tourists from the wildlife. The Canopy Walk takes one half kilometre deep into the forest – a very thrilling experience. The Watch Tower overlooks a sweet water pond frequented by spotted Deers, Tigers and Brahmini Kites, Monkeys, Bengal Monitor (Monitor Lizard) and Jungle Cats.

Choragazi, Baragazi, Sundarkhali, SudhanyaKhali & Gadkhali

Then we will touch upon Choragazi, Baragazi, Sundarkhali, SudhanyaKhali for bird sighting before touching down Gadkhali by 5PM.

Gadkhali to Canning

Reaching upon Gadkhali, you will be transferred to our cabs for Canning. By 6PM we will drop you at the Canning Railway station for your onward journey.

Day 3 Food Menu:

  1. Breakfast: Luchi (Puri), Aloo Dum, Sooji Halwa
  2. Lunch: Rice, Dal, Aloo Posto, Veg Sabji, Chicken, Chatni, Papad


List of essential items to carry:

Here’s a list of few important items that you may help you while you pack for the trip.

  1. Indian nationals need to carry any kind of photo ID proof, Foreigners need to carry their original passport & India Visa is Must.We do all the necessary permissions and permits.
  2. Umbrella, Hats, Caps & Sunglasses
  3. Binoculars (if available) & Camera
  4. Mosquito Repellent Creams or sprays
  5. Pair of floaters/comfortable footwear
  6. High Beam Torch
  7. One candle for emergency


List of Fauna found in and around

Common Birds: Red Junglefowl, Lesser Whistling Duck, Ruddy Shelduck, Common Shelduck, Cotton Pygmy Goose, Gadwall, Eurasion Wigeon, Common teal, Garganey, Northern Pntail, Northern Shoveler, Rufous Woodpecker, Gray Capped Pygmy Woodpecker, Fulvous Breasted Woodpecker, lesser and greater yellownape Woodpecker, streak throated Woodpecker, black rumped flameback Woodpecker, lineated barbet, blue throated barbet, coppersmith barbet, common Hoopoe, Indian roller, common Kingfisher, brown winged Kingfisher, white throated Kingfisher, black capped Kingfisher, collared Kingfisher, pied Kingfisher, green Bee Eater, blue tail bee eater, chestnut headed bee eater, Pied/Jacobin cuckoo, common hawk cuckoo, Indian cuckoo, Plaintive cuckoo, Asian koel, greater coucal, rose ring parakeet, Alexandrian parakeet, palm swift, house swift, barn owl, oriental scops owl, buffy fish owl, spotted owlet, brown fish owl, large tailed nightjar, rock pigeon, spotted dove, eurasian collared dove, yellow footed green pigeon, orange breasted green pigeon, white breasted waterhen, baillon’s crake, pintailed snipe, common snipe, whimbrel, Eurasian curlew, common redshank, common green shank, green sandpiper, terek sandpiper, common sandpiper, sanderling, little stint, bronzed winged jacana,  oriental prantincole, small prantincole, pasific golden plover, gray plover, common ringed plover, Kentish plover, lesser and greater sand plover, grey headed lapwing, red wattled lapwing, pallas’s gull, black headed gull, brown headed gull, river tern, osprey, black kit, brahminy kite, black shouldered kite, crested serpent eagle, eurasion marsh harrier, shikra, oriental honey buzzard, changeable hawk eagle, common kestrel, amur falcon, peregrine falcon, Darter, little cormorant, little egret, great egret, intermediate egret, cattle egret, pond heron, little heron, black crowned night heron, yellow bittern, cinnamon bittern, black bittern, black headed ibis, asian openbill stork, lesser adjutant stork, brown srike, long tailed shrike, rufous treepie, jungle crow, golden oriole, black hooded oriole, black headed cuckoo shrike, small minivet, white throated fantail, black drongo, bronze drongo, black naped monarch, asian paradise flycatcher, common iora, orange headed thrush, brown breasted flycatcher, oriental magpie robin, black redstart, chestnut tailed starling, paid starling, common myna, jungle myna, barn swallow, red rumped swallow, red whiskered bulbul, red vented bulbul, gray breasted prinia, yellow bellied prinia, clamorous reed warbler, common tailor bird, greenish warbler, jungle babbler, Bengal bush lark, scarlet back flower pecker, purple rump sunbird, purple sunbird, loten’s sunbird, house sparrow, forest wagtail, whit wagtail, citrine wagtail, yellow wagtail, paddy field pipit, Jerdon’s pipit, baya weaver, red avadavat, Indian silver bill munia, schely breasted munia.


Semi Common Birds: Graylag Goose, Bar Headed Goose, Falcated Duck, Red Crested Pochared, Ruddy Kingfisher, Green Billed Malkoha, red breasted parakeet, plum headed parakeet, Savanna Nightjar, emerald dove, slaty breasted crake, paid avocet, whit bellied sea eagle, pallas’s fish eagle, western reef egret, gray heron,  purple heron, mangrove pitta, black headed bunting.


Rear Birds:-Blue Eared Kingfisher, Goliath Heron, whit browed scimitar babbler,

Mammals: Royal Bengal Tiger, jungle cat, leopard cat, otter, fishing cat, Irrawaddy dolphin, gangetic dolphin, Bandar, wild boar, spotted deer,

Reptiles: water monitor, crocodile

Amphibians: fiddler crab, mud crab, Bengal Monitor (Monitor Lizard)


Cancellation Policy

For cancellation of your trip, please send us an email to OR call us at our contact numbers.

The cancellation rules are as follows:

  • If Guest cancels the trip/tour
    • Prior to 46 days excluding the departure date: 100% refund
    • 45 to 31 days excluding the departure date: 75% refund
    • 30 to 15 days excluding the departure date: 50% refund
    • Less than 15 days/No Show: No refund
  • If cancels the trip/tour due to unforeseen circumstances
    • Guests will get 100% of refund of the package cost irrespective of the time when the trip is cancelled
  • The refund will be made in the same mode in which the payment was made by guest

Other Important Rules

Guests will have to strictly follow the tour program. There would be no refund if one fail to join the group at the commencement of the tour, or join the group later or leave the group before culmination of the tour for any reasons whatsoever. Guests are responsible to report to the representative of the Company at the appointed date, place and time and the guests would be treated as “No-Show” if they fail to do so.

Under no circumstances any refund be given for any un-utilised services. Guests shall not behave in a manner which may cause distress or annoyance to other co-travellers or which may create the risk of danger or damage the property of the Company, co-travellers or others. In such event, guests may be asked to leave the tour immediately. The Company shall be under no liability to any such person.


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