Which Bird Watching Field Guide should I use?


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With the digital SLR prices within reach of many of us, more people are getting interested in capturing birds during their safari and leisure trips.

But one of the biggest challenge for a new birder is to identify these beautiful birds. Often we find people searching around birding groups to help them learn and get their identification done.


The book “Birds of India” by Bikram Grewal, Sumit Sen, Sarwandeep Singh, Nikhil Devasar and Garima Bhatia have been a best seller for a while for avid birders and for those who are getting into birding as an interest.

This book features full colored detailed identification of birds found in our Indian sub-continent plus few in our neighboring countries. Whether you go to Pench, Tadoba, Bharatpur, Runn of Kutch or Chilika, it covers all.


There are other reference books on birding as well which are as below:


Where to go for birding? What are the Bird Sanctuaries in India

Though you have birds everywhere, if you are looking for bird sanctuaries, here’s a map where we have pinned all major Bird Sanctuaries within India. There may be more and still adding, but this would give you a good start for your birding adventure


You can read more on these bird sanctuaries from this Wikipedia link.


Another trending good device you may find handy for birding:


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