Tips for better Vacation Photos

How to Take Better Photos

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Use this handy ready reckoner to make your vacation photos come alive and leave that everlasting impression about how well your vacation was spent.

As the winter vacation kicks in, we are all ready to pack our bags for that memorable vacation we have been longing for. With lenses attached to almost any devices now, taking a photo has never been so easy. With everyone posting their photos in social media, you would also want that WoW factor in your photos for everyone to enjoy.

Photography Quote of the Day

Here’s a non-techy guide to help you make your photos memorable. Be it your phone, point and shoot camera or your DSLR, these tips would surely help you plan and get that perfect shot which you will cherish for years.


Charge Batteries & Get extra Memory Cards

We nowadays like to click whatever comes in our way. Hence, make sure you charge your camera batteries in full with a standby battery handy. You won’t want your camera to give up while you spot that perfect moment. Even carry a substitute memory card as you may not get a chance to download your photos from memory card to computer and free up your memory card space while on travel.


Get informed about the place before travel

We often land up in vacation spots without knowing much about the place and end up wasting time in planning for the day once we are there.

Itinerary Plan
Plan your Itinerary well in advance

Plan your itinerary well in advance. Research about the places of interest there early to have that perfect itinerary ready before you reach. That way you can utilise the best of your limited time.

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Selfies are boring now. Try something new

Haven’t you got tired of looking at people’s selfies in social media? Same may happen with your selfies when people view yours. Selfies are getting boring now. Try something new.

Try something newer than a selfie
  1. Try new Vantage points to capture the place along with you.
  2. Have your photos clicked by your peer or a passser by.
  3. Use your mobile’s back camera to get your photos undistorted unlike most selfies.
  4. Try different uncommon angles to give your photos a different look.
  5. Click portraits in eye level. Avoid shooting from down at someone.
  6. Don’t use flash to avoid that ghostly effect. Use other light sources to light up your self such as another phone’s torch or just a torch. Use flash only in extreme situations.


Shooting Landscapes

Try to bring in some human elements in your landscape photos. You or your peers sitting and enjoying a breath taking view is lot more than clicking just the view infront of you.

landscape with you
Capture landscape with a human element

Presence of people makes the environment come to life and brings in that ever lasting memory element.

Keep Video clips short

How many times we have kept our video camera ON throughout while on a trip? And how many times did we have that energy to view the full clip later? If the same lengthy clip makes it boring and uninteresting to you, think about others!

Keep your Video Clips short, very short: not more than minute. Even 30 sec for the same frame is lot more lengthy. Keep same frame as short as possible. Rather, click different angles for the same scene which you can join later for an interesting memoir.

Use your creativity

Holidays are the best times when you can leave everything aside and focus on your long hard earned vacation. It’s the best time to make your creative part of your brain work to make this more memorable for you and others.

Be as creative as you can!

So, Go out,  Meet people, Do things, Live Life and use the above hacks to make your vacation memoir an exciting one.

Happy Holidays!

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