Author: Rahul Jain

Rahul Jain is travel blogger and he has his own traveling business. He has written many articles on different websites. He likes to explore new places. Trekking is his favorite hobby.
Homestays over Hotels

Why To Choose Homestays For Better Accommodation Experience?

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509 total views, no views today Travelling is needed for everyone to impose new vigor to the mind. It becomes difficult when we have to stay in the hotel during that travel period. We don’t get treated there like home even no homelike feeling exists there as well. But homestay can give us that kind of […]

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Take a closer look at the West Bengal

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1,115 total views, 3 views today Over the past decades, West Bengal has been a home territory to many big empires and kingdoms. The beauty of West Bengal, surrounded by the Bay of Bengal couldn’t escape the eyes of British too. Kolkata or Calcutta is the capital of West Bengal and also serve as a capital of […]

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Why Solo Travel Is Getting Popular?

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755 total views, no views today Solo travel can be rewarding and thrilling. It is always important to spent some time alone away from the rigors of daily life. Planning a solo travel tour can be hectic task, though, especially if you are not aware of the places your thinking to visit. Nevertheless, Solo vacations are […]

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How to Take Better Photos

Tips for better Vacation Photos

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519 total views, 1 views today Use this handy ready reckoner to make your vacation photos come alive and leave that everlasting impression about how well your vacation was spent. As the winter vacation kicks in, we are all ready to pack our bags for that memorable vacation we have been longing for. With lenses attached to […]

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Which Bird Watching Field Guide should I use?

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504 total views, 1 views today   With the digital SLR prices within reach of many of us, more people are getting interested in capturing birds during their safari and leisure trips. But one of the biggest challenge for a new birder is to identify these beautiful birds. Often we find people searching around birding groups to […]

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