4 Off-beat Homestays Near Shimla for a Romantic Honeymoon

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The thing every couple waits for. Every lover’s dreams to make a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon. Maybe a poet in love first uttered this beautiful word Honeymoon.

Imagine the majestic range of Himalaya in front of you and two nameless birds are making love, and you’re enjoying this site with your newlywed wife. She is blushing and sometimes quivering with cold and you are just wrapping her around to warm her up.

I know you must have made a long list of your dream destinations and may be thinking about International trips as well. But dear lovebirds, the diverse geographic demography of India can beat any of those International attractions.


Yes, I know. We all lure for white sand beaches, London bridge snaps and all (Thanks to Bollywood). We all shuffle fabulous Instagram accounts and wish to spend a day in Santorini Once in a lifetime. Those cozy surreal homestays, wooden isolated house on the top of a hill or amidst a forest. But after coming back from your dream trip you may have to go to your office on auto to save money because that trip has taken a toll on your bank balance.

Do you know India also have a white sand Sea-beach, exotic tree houses, Asia’s cleanest village, living Root Bridge, floating market, backwater and many more! Here, we also have the dreamlike homestays with panoramic views, secluded, peaceful and vintage. You can live your dream holiday within your budget and help some people economically.

If I try to pen down all the possible honeymoon destinations and homestays for the honeymoon, then I have to publish an E-book for sure. So here we will talk about three enthralling places and exotic homestays of Himachal Pradesh which will act as the aphrodisiac.


Himachal Pradesh is full of surprises. The Range of mountains, lush green fields, pine forest, and azure lake make it more majestic. Apart from that the Indo-British culture and the vintage houses will take you to a completely different era.

There is no shortage of amusing amazements that welcome you when you visit into Himachal. Manali, Dalhousie, Mcleodgunj, Spiti, Shimla- this list will be never-ending if we start talking about Himachal Pradesh.


Explaining about homestays is a really tough job for me. Loving something and stating the reasons of loving that is really hard. I am no one to advise you but to add a whole new dimension to your travel experiences, you can try homestays once.

Homestays are calm, different, warm and lovely. Homestays let you feel like a ‘Roman in Rome’ and I love to feel so.

Here are 4 best Homestays for Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh


The Homestay just justify its name itself. A view of sprawling mountains and a pine forest…the view will take your heart away. You can enjoy your breakfast overlooking the pine forest.

The perfect amalgamation of comfort, luxury, and nature. The large lawn with trees will introduce you and your honey with something called ‘the smell of mountains’.

In addition to the Full furnished kitchen and luxurious bedrooms, there is someone to wake you up every morning. I am talking about the ‘Mountain Parrots’ and ‘Mountain Bulbul’. Maybe, there is no definite explanation of pleasure. But I think pleasure is not pleasant than this.

Additional Info: Pick up from the city center, Car Parking, Free Complimentary Breakfast, and Self Service Kitchen is available.

The nearest Airport is Chandigarh Airport (67 km)

Cost: Deluxe Double Bed Room with Complimentary breakfast its Rs. 5000/night

What to explore around?

Pine reserve forest, the mall road, Himachal State Museum etc.

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Kasauli. A dreamlike setting with the striking panoramic view. Kasauli is an old British hill town, a cantonment and an earlier sanatorium for the British and Indian Royal Families to convalesce in the crisp and soothing air of the lower Himalayan pine forests. And here is the most secluded homestay.

If you are searching for peace and seclusion then this is the place. It will allow you to spend quality time with your darling. You will spend your evenings with musky tea and the view of Golden Himalaya.

I am really feeling the scarcity of words to explain the beauty and royal feeling of staying in this homestay. Santila’ is an eco-friendly home with a humble yet fashionable Anglo-Himachali design. You will go back into the epoch of self-exploration, escapade, renewal, and cheerfulness in the artless things of this homestay of Himachal Pradesh.

Additional Info: A special Attic room is available for long stay. The price includes breakfast, Afternoon Hi-tea, and Dinner. Car parking and in-room coffee maker is available.

Nearest Airport is Chandigarh, the nearest railway station is Kalka from there you can enjoy a toy train trip.

Cost: Himalayan Suite with Breakfast, Hi-Tea & Dinner Rs. 5000/night

What to explore around?

Farmland, seasonal river, pine forest, and Kasauli Town.


Try to visualize s secluded Himalayan home amidst of rice field and plum orchard and wavy Himalaya in the backdrop. Thrilled!

You should be. Because I am talking about Himalayan Heritage Homestay.

A Heritage mountain life for a few days, the sound of chirping birds and waterfall will heal your soul and senses.

Additional Info: Equally far from Manali and Kasol

Cost: Family Suit Rs. 3500/night

What to explore around?

You can go for a day trek from here. There are several short trek routes. If you and your beloved are adventurous enough then you can trek to Bijli Mahadev, Chander Khani Pass, Rumtu Pass, Kamana and Kasol etc.

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Far away from city hustle, never-ending horns and numerous hoardings, Sanjauli is a peaceful hamlet with simple people and their modest aboriginal lifestyle. Give your beloved a scope to love an altogether different life and a lifetime experience.

Well, this balcony will definitely encourage the veiled poet inside me. The hidden Wordsworth in me will write a few words about the frisky lock on my ‘coy mistress’s’ face and her reddish cheek out of the cold. Few simple things can really bring heaven on earth.

Additional Info: Free Complimentary Breakfast and Dinner is available at Rs. 300. The kitchen is pure vegetarian.

It is 2 km away from Shimla.

Cost: Deluxe Double Bed Room with Complimentary breakfast its Rs. 3300/night

What to explore around?

Shimla, of course. And then Dhingu Mata temple, Sanjauli cemetery of British era. Buddhist monastery, it is near the Dhingu Mata Temple. Gurudwara.  Lakshmi Narayan temple: It is one of the old temples in the region. Navbahar etc.

The honeymoon is a special occasion or better to say a single chance to create an unforgettable memory. Precious time to spend and kindle your relationship. Romance needs a perfect setting. A perfect ambiance and setting can make your newlywed bride a bit more close to you, maybe the coy wife will finally utter the magical three words. So choose wisely and enjoy the magic of Himachal Homestays.

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